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What is Viagra

Viagra is drug that is used to fight against ED (Erectile dysfunction). If you are in an age when you cannot get sufficient erection in your penile shaft and as and end result, you are not able to enjoy your marital life then viagra is for you. This drug will help you to stay longer in bed with firm erection. You will start enjoying your sex life again. Erectile dysfunction ED is also termed as impotency. In this state a patient is not able to get total erection some or most of the times. Viagra is licensed drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Uses of Viagra

As described above viagra is licensed to treat ED but there are some other uses as well. There are some other uses that are not usually claimed but often suggested by physicians. Viagra can be used to treat Raynaud’s phenomenon, pulmonary hypertension i.e. high blood pressure of the artery that is carrying blood to lungs. This drug is not approved for children, women and newborn babies. You should always consult with your doctor before you start using this medicine.

How to use

There are certain things that you must keep in your mind while using viagra. You must have a sexual erection before using viagra, taking it in normal condition may not work for you. Use the drug before 30-60 minutes of having sex so that you can get effective results. It is recommended to use viagra with empty stomach for better results. Don not take alcohol when you have to use viagra, it will reduce its effects.

Warning/ Precautions

If you have a cardiovascular disease then you should not use Viagra or at least consult with your doctor before using it. Use of Viagra can cause cardiac risk or cardiac arrest to those patients that have cardiac problems. So for a man having cardiovascular disease should not be treated for ED with the help of sildenafil citrate as it can have very bad effects on his health.

More information

There are systemic vasodilatroy properties in sildenafil citrate. Due to these properties, sildenafil citrate can cause a decrease in blood pressure of supine. You are going through a state of high blood pressure while having sex and if you have also used Viagra then your blood pressure can shoot up extremely. This can cause any kind of cardiac disease or you may also get a cardiac arrest attack. So before using viagra, consult with the doctor to seek better advice.

Side Effects

Just like most of the medicines in the world, generic viagra also has some side effects. Some of the most common side effects are;

Headache: You may feel headache after having sex by using sildenafil citrate or later in consequences.
There is a possibility of heart attack as well as sildenafil citrate can increase blood pressure.
You can become a high blood pressure patient if you use viagra excessively without consulting with doctor.

Strenghts Available

Viagra is available in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg strengths.