How does Sildenafil work?

There are a few reasons why we wanted to explain the Sildenafil’s mechanism o action to you. For one, we believe that you have the right to know exactly how this medication works. We also thought that some among you would find it interesting, but most of all we believe that once you learn more about how this drug works, you will realize how useless all those natural ED products are for treating this condition. So, in order to cover all this, we can start.

The easiest way to explain how Sildenafil works is by telling you how a normal, healthy erection occurs and what processes are involved in achieving an erection. The first step is sexual arousal. When sexual arousal occurs, the male body is stimulated into releasing nitric oxide. You will recognize this chemical as most natural ED remedies claim that they work by increasing the levels of this chemical. However, there are no cases, or virtually no cases in which erectile dysfunction is caused by low levels of nitric oxide, which makes these products useless.

The next step in achieving an erection is the release of cGMP under the influence of nitric oxide. cGMP is a chemical that plays the biggest role in achieving erections. Namely, cGMP is a chemical that leads to relaxation of the smooth muscles which are found in the blood vessels in the male organ. When these muscles are relaxed, the blood vessels expand and the blood rushes into the organ. This influx of blood results in a hydraulic effect which is manifested as an erection.

The main culprit in erectile dysfunction is PDE5. This is a naturally occurring enzyme which can get overactive and whose adverse effect is that it can lead to degradation of cGMP. As you can imagine, this has negative effects on the possibility of achieving an erection, as the blood vessels are not expanded enough and the blood cannot get into the penis in proper amounts.

Sildenafil prevents this from happening and allows healthy erections through inhibition of PDE5. Once this enzyme is prevented from causing degradation of cGMP, the natural, healthy process of achieving erections s restored and everything is fine once again. This inhibition of PDE5 is the only way to get an erection on demand when ED is present and no other way to do the same has been discovered. That is why PDE5 inhibitors like Sildenafil are the only way to successfully treat ED.