Finding Satisfaction with Sildenafil

Erectile dysfunction can greatly affect a couple’s relationship. Not only will the problem take a toll on a man’s self-esteem and confidence, it also affects the quality of life and disposition of his partner. The advent of Sildenafil has provided men with erectile dysfunction problem a new hope on their lives and has strengthened the relationship of hundreds of couples worldwide.

Testimonials from People Who Experienced the Benefits of Sildenafil:

One man tells about how he had difficulty getting an erection during intercourse or oral sex with his girlfriend. He could not determine the cause of the problem and so he decided to consult an online pharmacy which came out with a diagnosis that he was suffering from slight erectile dysfunction. He ordered Sildenafil one weekend, took half a pill 35 minutes before going to bed with his girlfriend and was able to achieve erection immediately and prolonged it for more than two hours. He feels like being a teenager all over again.

A man shares that since he was 45 years old he had trouble achieving an erection and keeping it. Sex with his wife is a rare event because of his inability to get an erection and he feels embarrassed towards his wife. He heard about Sildenafil and how it can help him get an erection. He told his wife about the drug and she immediately ordered a pack online. They have been ordering frequently and lately, his 46-year-old wife become pregnant with their 4th child.

The benefits of Sildenafil are not exclusive to men only. They are also experienced by women based on this story by a 60-year-old woman who felt unsatisfied with her sex life for several years because of the failure of his husband to get an erection. On top of that, she had to deal with her husband’s embarrassment and mood fluctuations. She learned about Sildenafil and initially ordered a tablet of it. Now, her husband not only easily gets an erection but could keep it up for hours. The drug has certainty brought back the spark in their marriage.

Success Rates:

Studies showed that psychological factors are the major causes of impotence among men. Sildenafil has proven to work effectively on 90 percent of these cases. For erectile dysfunction due to biological causes, the drug has a success rate of 60 percent to 70 percent. The effectiveness is also noted among men who have spinal cord injury and have their prostates removed.

However, you must keep in mind that lifestyle and medication use are also major causes of impotence and in some cases, making changes to these factors are better solution than taking Sildenafil.