Erectile dysfunction facts

Erectile dysfunction is a condition described as inability of a male to achieve an erection hard enough to have sex on an ongoing basis. This means that occasional failures to perform sexually may occur in all men sooner or later, but they do not mean erectile dysfunction is present. A qualified health care provider will be able to diagnose this condition only after carefully examining the patient.

An erection occurs as a result of a complicated sequence of events in the body, involving the patient’s brain, nerve cells, muscles, hormones, blood vessels etc. If any of the elements of that erection is in any way affected, an erection may not occur, or will go away soon. This is exactly the problem erectile dysfunction patients experience. Some of them can get an erection, but are unable to keep it for long enough, while others have erectile dysfunction so severe, even getting an erection is something they are incapable of doing.

Erectile dysfunction can affect many other aspects of the patient’s life. Embarrassment and distress resulting from the inability to perform sexually may find their reflection in the man’s career, personal relationship and other aspects forming part of their everyday life.

There are a few tests that can help the doctor establish the actual (underlying) cause of erectile dysfunction. By treating the cause, the patient can get rid of the problem in the first place. Often, however, physically induced erectile dysfunction can worsen because of the psychological factors (the patient thinking negatively about the entire situation, feeling more and more depressed about it). To prevent some cases of erectile dysfunction from getting even worse, positive thinking may be just as important as anything else.

The number of males affected by this condition is not known for sure, as not everyone summons enough courage to visit a doctor. Only in the US, the estimates reach 30-40 million men, the numbers increasing every year.

Erectile dysfunction can affect males that are still quite young, and very often this may result from their treatments (some drugs are known to affect sexual potency), medical conditions, temporary problems that are causing a lot of stress and other reasons. Older males are more likely to become impotent because of all the factors mentioned above accumulating over the time.

Although erectile dysfunction is a very sensitive problem, the good news is that it’s easily treated. There are numerous remedies that work by stimulating blood flow to there tissues of the penis (the way a normal erection would occur), as well as other ways of stimulating the man and causing arousal. Before trying any of those, it’s best to talk to a doctor. He may recommend a treatment that will be both safe and very efficient, based on the patient’s individual factors and possible causes of the condition.